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Hands-On Equations®

Powerful Whole Brain Learning

Developing Fractions Sense® 5

This full-day workshop focuses on the grade 5 Common Core fractions standards

In this full-day workshop, teachers gain a deep conceptual understanding of the 5th-grade fraction standards. We first present all concepts using the fraction blocks or rectangular grids and only then present arithmetic procedures. This solid understanding serves as the foundation for successful classroom instruction.

“I like the way this workshop presented the teaching of fraction multiplication by going from the concrete to the abstract.  It makes so much sense!” -Workshop Participant

Participants at this workshop will learn:

  • The key to subtracting fractions with unlike denominators using the fraction blocks
  • The key to illustrating addition and subtraction of fractions with unlike denominators on grid paper
  • A simple, direct way to add fractions with unlike denominators symbolically
  • How to clarify the distinction between a divided by b and a/b
  • How to concretely illustrate the difference in meaning between 4 x 2/3 and 2/3 x 4
  • How to concretely and pictorially illustrate multiplication of a fraction by a fraction
  • How to use grid paper to find the area of a rectangle with fractional side lengths
  • A clear way to explain why multiplication by a fraction greater than 1 scales up and less than 1 scales down
  • An intuitive way to help students understand division of a unit fraction by a whole number and a whole number by a unit fraction


Class Set of Developing Fractions Sense C (Grade 5)

Class sets of materials are available for implementing the grade 5 fraction program. Each class set includes the Developing Fractions Sense Student Workbook C and a set of fraction blocks for each student, as well as the Instructional Guide and Answer Key for the teacher. 

To bring this full-day workshop to your district:

Please send an email to, complete a quick form or call 800-993-6284. Please specify three alternative dates that will work for you.

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