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Hands-On Equations®

Powerful Whole Brain Learning

Middle School Educators

Hands-On Equations

The middle school years present the last opportunity for school administrators and teachers to provide their students with the grounding that they will need to succeed with Algebra 1.

Hands-On Equations is a MUST in Middle School

According to Dr. Borenson, prior to going into an Algebra 1 class, students should be able to easily solve equations such as 4x+3=3x+9 and 2(2x+3)=x+12. In addition they should be able to solve simple word problems algebraically. Hands-On Equations can make this possible. This supplementary program will be the best investment districts can make to help their students succeed with the abstract world of algebra!

“A strong foundation in algebra should be in place by the end of eighth grade…” – Principles and Standards for School Mathematics, NCTM

Wanda Lapp, Middle School Teacher, Atglen, PA

From an Algebra 2 teacher as related by our exhibitor Cindi Crabtree at the NCTM Baltimore Conference

I heard a very interesting story from a teacher who taught Algebra 2 and higher math courses. She said she had just moved to a new school district. At her old district the students used Hands-On Equations in the middle school and in Algebra 1. When the students came to her they had a solid foundation of algebraic concepts and were successful in her class. That is pretty typical and not out of the usual, but the rest of the story is what caught my attention. This year at her new district she began noticing that the students weren’t getting it! She began wondering why, so she started researching the mathematical history of her students. To her suprise, the district wasn’t using Hands-On Equations. She was adamant that was the difference. I gave her a DVD and she was going to try to convince her new district to adopt Hands-On Equations. She said she didn’t understand why every district wouldn’t use Hands-On Equations!