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Hands-On Equations®

Powerful Whole Brain Learning

Hands-On Equations for Home Educators

Great Reviews from Home Education Groups!

(Click here to purchase Hands-On Equations or Developing Fractions Sense materials for home use.)

“For the first time in my life, I actually understood how to do algebra and why it works. You and your child do not have to fear algebra. With Hands-On Equations, the solution to algebra is in your hands! I give it an A+!” – The Old SchoolHouse
– The Magazine for Homeschooling Families (Click here to read the full review as well as the review by Dr. Heather W. Allen.)

First Place in the Algebra Category Practical Homeschooling Readership 2012

Click here to read the full review. 

“I cannot rave about this enough. I am so impressed! And I have not raved about a math program I can think of without qualification!”
– Julie Brennan,

Hands-On Equations

Top Homeschooling Curriculum 2013


In only four lessons, your child will learn to solve equations such as 4x + 5 = 2x + 9!


The Hands-On Equations Deluxe Home Set

Now Only $54.95! 

Hands-On Equations was awarded U.S. Patent 4,713,009.

The Hands-On Equations Deluxe Home Set consists of 1) The Hands-On Equations Learning System, 2) the Hands-On Equations DVD Instructional manual and 3) the Hands-On Equations Introductory Verbal Problems Workbook. 

Sample Verbal Problems from the Hands-On Equations Introductory Verbal Problems Workbook:

1. Five packets of balloons and four loose balloons yield 59 balloons. How many balloons are in each packet?

2. Tom is five times as old as his little brother Ben. Together, the sum of their ages is 42. How old is each?

3. The side of a square is 5x + 2. If the perimeter is 68, how much is x?

“I think this is a terrific supplement to any math curriculum and truly helps students to think algebraically and teaches them how to solve equations.” — Maria Miller, 


Hands-On Equations® for the iPad, iPhone, Android & Kindle

“I purchased this app 3 days ago for my 4th grader who was struggling to understand. I dropped by his class this morning and his AGP teacher told me that he is teaching the other students now…His confidence level shot through the roof. I wish this was around back when I was in school.” – A proud parent