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Parent to Parent: Making Math Fun

Report by Lynn Martinez, WSVN, Miami, December 6, 2011

A lot of parents cringe when their kids ask for help with their algebra homework, but now some local teachers are making teaching math so fun. Kids are learning it more easily. 7’s Lynn Martinez shows us in tonight’s Parent to Parent.

WSVN — The tables have turned on these Broward County teachers. Instead of teaching they’re learning a unique method of understanding math. It’s called Hands On Equations. Dr. Henry Borenson invented the program to help 3rd through 5th graders get over their fear of algebra.

Dr. Henry Borenson: “Algebraic equations are like abstract symbols, like Chinese symbols, they have no idea what they mean.”

Game pieces are used to help kids visualize problems.

Dr. Henry Borenson: “The goal with hands on equations is to take the abstract equation and give it a physical format that makes sense to the children.”

Even teachers admit learning algebra can be frustrating.

Teacher participant: “It can be quite challenging.”

But many feel this hands-on method really works and can’t wait to take it back to students.

Allison Gray: “I have high hopes for it I really think it will work. We’re going to use our pawn that represents the variable X.”

So now the true test what do these 5th graders at tradeswinds elementary think?

Lucas Silva: “It makes my algebra, my math easier, because I can visually see what I’m doing, I can move the pawns I can move the cubes.”

Genevieve Weland: “I used to not like math and now I do.”

The Broward County School District invited Dr. Borenson down here so teachers could learn the hands on equation method. Miami-Dade County Schools could be next.


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Reported by: Lynn Martinez

Producer: Janna Ross