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Hands-On Equations®

Powerful Whole Brain Learning

Middle School

Hands-On Equations

Click here if you are a middle school educator.

The Fun and Easy Way to Learn Algebra

Praise from former NCTM president

“I highly recommend this whole-brain instructional approach as an effective way for students to build their algebraic thinking.” – Shirley Frye, former president of the NCTM

“A pre-algebra challenge which I really love!”-4th grade student

A class set of Hands-On Equations

C1030 – now only $245!

(Each student is provided with their own set of manipulatives.)

Importance of Using Manipulatives

“… manipulatives are powerful learning tools which build conceptual understanding of mathematics.”

Improving Student Achievement in Mathematics by Using Manipulatives with Classroom Instruction, 2013, National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics