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Hands-On Equations®

Powerful Whole Brain Learning

Testimonials and Product Reviews

The Man Who Made Algebra Child’s Play – Julia Steiny

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Borenson explains, “The way algebra was traditionally taught involved memorization without understanding.” Well, not understanding makes anyone feel stupid and totally turned off. No wonder many kids don’t like math.

Fifth-Graders Having a Blast with Algebra – Julia Steiny

Thursday, February 07, 2013

I was forewarned, but still, it was a lovely surprise to spend a solid hour with a class of students constantly popping off with “I got it!” And “Ooooohhhhh!” And “I see!”

Local Teachers Are Making Teaching Math So Fun – WSVN 7

December 18, 2011

A lot of parents cringe when their kids ask for help with their algebra homework, but now some local teachers are making teaching math so fun. Kids are learning it more easily. 7’s Lynn Martinez shows us in tonight’s Parent to Parent.

Catch Them Young: The Guardian

October 24, 2000

“It’s easy and it’s fun. I really enjoy math lessons now,” confides Richard Kingdom, nine, whose family moved from Wiltshire to America two years ago. “Last year I was trying to do algebra in my head and I found it very difficult. Now I can take the pieces away with my hands and make the two sides balance and I understand what it’s all about.”

Living Math Review by Julie Brennan

June, 2007

I cannot recommend this enough, I am so impressed, and I have not raved about a math program I can think of without qualification. We are very eclectic in how we approach math (as this site can attest to), so math programs usually require a lot of tweaking to fit our family. This, however, only required pacing adjustments, it’s easy to adjust it to your family’s pace and needs.

Maria Miller – Review

February 28th, 2012

Hands-On Equations is a supplementary program that teaches students to solve linear equations using a balance scale and physical “pawns” and number cubes. It is basically a program using a physical manipulative for modeling and solving linear equations—great for kinesthetic and visual learners.

My Three NEW Shining Stars by Lisa Hoeflich

January 28, 2008

I enjoyed watching them look over the gifted students’ papers. Quite a reversal of roles! In their reflection statements at the end of the quarter, they would write, “…I made so much progress in Hands-On Equations, …I felt like a leader… I was so fast… I felt good.”

Why Teach? Touching Children’s Lives

April 27, 2012

What is the purpose of teaching? In this highly motivational and humorous presentation, Kathryn Dillard—a distinguished educator and storyteller—conveys the bottom-line message: our purpose as educators is to inspire students and to lead them to success.

Algebra for the Average Elementary Student by Homeschooling Without Training Wheels

May 2018

We usually think of algebra and solving equations as something reserved for the “big kids” – middle schoolers and high schoolers. But math is really just a language we use to communicate about life. And if we can explore and talk about it in a tangible, hands-on way, then there really is no reason why younger kids can’t enjoy the challenge of algebraic thinking!

Jennifer Bardsley-

August, 2012

The amazing thing about Hands on Equations is that it makes so much intuitive sense. Before you know it, you are looking at algebraic equations and imagining blue and white pawns moving around in your head. That’s a lot better than trying to remember some sort of rule that your algebra teacher wrote on the white board for you to memorize.

Three Blind Wives – Blog Review of HOE

September 26, 2012

I’ve been wanting to write a review on this program for a while, but I struggled with whether I’d be able to seem impartial. I was one of those math students growing up that quickly memorized whatever algorithm was necessary to pass the math test, excelled at the test, then quickly dumped all the information from my brain the next day. I decided to go with a different approach homeschooling my kids.

Anne Spietz- Montessori Educator

Dr. Henry Borenson has masterfully created Hands-On Equations®, a system for helping children understand algebraic linear equations. This visual and kinesthetic teaching system for introducing algebraic concepts to students in grades 3 to 9 is very consistent with Montessori principles.

Old Schoolhouse Product Review by Dr. Heather W. Allen

Algebra! That one word can strike fear into any child’s heart, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Algebra can be taught to a child as young as third grade, or an older student or parent that needs a hands-on, easy-to-understand method. Let me introduce you to Algebra: Hands-On Equations developed by Henry Borenson.

Using Game Pieces to Demystify Algebra By Linda Pliagas

With his dapper, relaxed style, the beret-wearing Dr. Henry Borenson, a mathematical master, helped me conquer my worst nightmare: Algebra. After watching a sample of his Hands-On Equations videos, I finally got it! I was able to solve equations such as 4x + 3 = 3x + 9 and 2(x + 4) = x + 10, and to understand what I was doing.

Teaching 4th Graders How to Do Algebra – Joe Sipper

December 12, 2010

The main idea behind the product is to take the fear out of algebra and allow students to strengthen applicable skills before actually enrolling in the class. Users and researchers swear by the results and hail it as a method for teaching how to think mathematically.

Empowering students through hands-on algebra – Donna Newcomb

April 13, 2011

Fifth-graders across the state are learning how to solve linear equations and perform algebraic functions. This is why Paris Elementary School teacher Becky Cate applied for a Plus Endowment grant.

Algebraic Thinking and Common Core Standards – Grant Zimmerman

November 17, 2011

I look for ways to act on ideas. Early introduction of algebraic thinking in the Common Core Standards is one of those ideas that should be developed in elementary school.

Demystifying Algebra: NPR Affiliate WDIY Radio Interview of Dr. Borenson, Kathryn Dillard & Dale Beltner

February 13, 2012

This evening we talk about Demystifying Algebra. We in the Lehigh Valley are fortunate to have an Allentown based company, Borenson and Associates, a parent company of Hands-On Equations® who recently trained about 20 teachers in Nazareth in a six hour workshop called Making Algebra Child’s Play®.

App Review by Michael Vallez

April 2, 2012

Everything about this application is great and is presented in a very simple, straightforward and helpful way, from the easy navigation, videos, lessons (practice, exercises, review) and help features. Not only is Hands-On Equations engaging, but it’s a fun way to learn a very intimidating subject.

Best App for Algebra: Hands-On Equations 1 — Review by Smart Apps for Kids

June, 2014

Since we first reviewed Hands-On Equations 1 — The Fun Way to Learn Algebra, it’s only gotten better, including a progress bar, lower price, a new design and iPhone compatibility, earning an upgrade to a Top Pick! This app is a great curriculum supplement to teach algebraic thought and problem solving for Grade 3 and up. Try it for FREE with the lite version.