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Hands-On Equations®

Powerful Whole Brain Learning

Hands-On Equations Introductory Verbal Problems for the Interactive Whiteboard

For use with Promethean Board, Mimio, etc.

May also be used on a PC for remote instruction.

Available only for the PC on a disc or via a download.

Hands-On Equations Introductory Verbal Problems Interactive for the Interactive Whiteboard

This interactive application contains a digital slide for each example of the Hands-On Equations Introductory Verbal Problems Workbook.   Once students have solved the problem at their seats, the teacher can present the solution on the digital slide.  A total of 85 verbal problem slides are available, including number, age, perimeter and distance problems.  The program is intended for students in grades 3 – 6 who have completed Level I of Hands-On Equations.  Note: These are work slides; solutions are not included in this application, but they are found in the workbook.

Available Licenses

  • IVP-WB-01 License for 1: $25
  • IVP-WB-05 License for 5: $100