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Hands-On Equations®

Powerful Whole Brain Learning


Write to to inquire about staff development via Zoom. 

About the Hands-On Equations Webinar.

This 45-minute webinar provides a glimpse of the full-day Making Algebra Child’s Play workshop, which has been presented to more than 50,000 teachers of grades 3 – 8 in the past 25 years. You will see how students intuitively learn how to combine like terms and the distributive property. We will consider equations such as 4x + 3 = 3x + 9, 2(x + 3) = x + 10, and 2x = (-x) +12. We will also illustrate the solution of verbal problems using Hands-On Equations.

About the Hands-On Equations 2 Introductory Webinar

This 45-minute webinar provides an overview of the key strategies used in Level II of Hands-On Equations. The white pawn is introduced as the opposite of x, and given the name of star. Using  principles such as the addition property of equality, the property of additive inverses, and the additive identity property, students solve equations such as 2x + (-x) + 3 = 2(-x) + 15 and 2x – 3x = x + 8. 

This 45-minute webinar provides a taste of the full-day Demystifying Verbal Problems workshop geared for teachers of grades 5 – 8. Prior experience with Hands-On Equations is helpful, but not essential, for participation in this webinar.  We will demonstrate the solution to perimeter, consecutive integer and age problems using Hands-On Equations.

About the Developing Fractions Sense 3 & 4 Introductory Webinar.

These 45-minute webinars provides a glimpse of the full-day Developing Fractions Sense 3 & 4 workshop. In order to provide our students with a deep conceptual understanding of fractions, it is essential to use visual fraction models, such as fraction blocks, rectangular grids and number lines. In the grade 3 webinar, we focus on the meaning of a unit fraction, the meaning of a fraction, and fraction equivalence using models. In the grade 4 webinar, we focus on addition and subtraction of mixed fractions having a common denominator, comparing fractions using benchmarks, and multiplication of fractions by a whole number.

About the Developing Fractions Sense 5 Introductory Webinar:

This 45-minute webinar provides a glimpse of the full-day Developing Fractions Sense 5 workshop. The focus of the webinar is the introduction of fraction multiplication using concrete and visual models. 

About the Hands-On Equations Fractions Introductory webinar:

This 45-minute webinar will provide an overview of our half-day Hands-On Equations Fractions workshop. You will learn strategies to enable students in grades 4 and up to solve equations such as y + 1/3 y + 1 = 9 and 2y – 1/2 y = y + 1/6 y + 12 in a meaningful manner.  Students use their fraction blocks and numbered cubes on the laminated balance scale to represent these equations and then solve them using using legal moves. The program reinforces algebraic solution methods and fractional relationships. Prior experience with Hands-On Equations and with Developing Fractions Sense is helpful but not essential.